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Harry Brown
San Francisco, CA, United States
I have suddenly this week been suffering from bad headaches, on Friday I decided to visit my hospital to check my bp, to my surprise my BP was 160/91, doctors gave me some tablets. Took it and later it went down, my BP was down all the next day, today I check it again it's gone up, with headaches. Doctor gave me more tablets and sent home to rest. im wondering why my BP would be so high and also if it's because of the stress which I've had a lot from the past few years.
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Alishech clinic. Beer-Sheva, Israel
Although emotional stress is quite impossible to be excluded completely, it is recommended to reduce it. Sometimes people have to change their job or lifestyle. It is proved that salt-free diet drops the ABP level, that’s why patients need to cut down their salt consumption. I will prescribe you medication for limitation of emotional stress and diet for reduction of the salt
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Hypertension, indications of special treatment needed
Specialists assume that in cases of steady rise of diastolic pressure (higher than 90 mmHg) and after 65 years even an increase of systolic blood pressure (higher than 160 mmHg) the cause of the disease should be found and some treatment actions taken. It must be considered that men have a higher risk of complications than women having the same pressure level and young people higher than elder. Furthermore, the treatment itself is attended by a risk of hypotensive drugs side effects, for instance, 35% of men that are treated for hypertensive disease, suffer from different degree potency disorders and some clinicians assume this as an unjustified risk. For example, for women after 70 years with asymptomatic diastolic pressure elevation up to 90 mmHg and men after 30 years with diastolic pressure elevation higher than 90 mmHg antihypertensive therapy is essential. Great deal of choice of hypotensive drugs is a factor that helps to select an ideal treatment schedule with minimum side effects in 95% of cases. Patients suffering from hypertension that do not get any antihypertensive treatment have to pass a check-up every 3 months. Patients with cardiac angina or diabetes mellitus in confirmed ischemic heart disease or in presence of atherosclerosis threats have to undergo an antihypertensive treatment even in a slightly increased ABP. In such a situation it is prescribed even at 85-90 mmHg of diastolic ABP.

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Alishech clinic.
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Alishech clinic.
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Alishech clinic.
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Alishech clinic.
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Alishech clinic.
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