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Jakob Bernard
help and advice please prostatisis
had prostatisis 11 month seen two doctor and two urologist they all said it will go, but i not sure
add bloody test done scan and d r will this go will i get back to my old self?
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Alishech clinic. Beer-Sheva, Israel
You should get treatment then it will go
Chronic bacterial prostatitis should be suspected in each middle-aged man with a recurrent urinary tract infection. A lower urinary tract infection, especially if it is limited to cystitis (inflammation of the urinary bladder mucous membrane) responds to treatment rather well. I recommend you effective treatment regimen that clears the bacteria forever.
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The term “prostatitis” comprises different inflammatory diseases of the prostate gland including not only acute and chronic bacterial infections but also cases when the prostate gland is inflamed but the causative agent is not found. The current literature describes more than 20 classifications of prostatitis based on different approaches (etiological, pathogenetic, morphological, according to the ways of permeation, etc.). We will use the classification based on clinical findings and laboratory studies.
In order to diagnose bacterial, chronic or abacterial prostatitis, the first pass and midstream urine as well as prostate gland secretion obtained after its massage are studied. The number of white cells in the obtained samples is calculated and it is referred to inoculation.
Thus, prostatitis can be classified into:
1. Acute prostatitis
2. Chronic prostatitis
3. Abacterial prostatitis

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Alishech clinic.
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Alishech clinic.
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Alishech clinic.
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Alishech clinic.
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Alishech clinic.
Beer-Sheva, Israel